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27 - 30 JULY 2015 | ROME (ITALY)


The Gala Dinner will be held on July 29th 2015 at Palazzo Brancaccio.

The Gala Dinner will be held on July 29th 2015 at Palazzo Brancaccio.



Palazzo Brancaccio was born at the end of the 800 from the prestige and the desire of Salvatore Brancaccio, a member of one of the oldest and most distinguished families of the Neapolitan nobility and his wife Mary Elisabeth Field, rich American heiress. The building takes shape thanks to the talent of the architect Gaetano Koch, one of the most celebrated in the Roman landscape of the nineteenth century, known among other things for the construction of Palazzo Koch and the two palaces in the Piazza Esedra of the Republic, as well as Luke Carimini another architect and sculptor in vogue at this time umbertine.
The style of the building can be defined as the "Baroque classicism" in the sense that it embodies the character of the glitz and elegance but with a line of continuity typical of classical art. Are enhanced in the Palace by the sinuous curved lines, spaces that bind painting, sculpture, plaster, mirrors, pointing out all through a play of light and shadows. The artist can have fun and get excited in a decorative exuberance that was (and is) intended to arouse wonder and amazement, all enriched by a large vein original, topped by the classical canons.
The originality and the free creation of this style we find in every room "so different but at the bottom so contiguous to each other" (Hall Angels Tapestry Room, Living Gaia, and the Hall of Mirrors Hall of the Vestal Virgins). Even the hoot of Cacci, small external structure placed in the park, "hides" an immense gift of Francesco Gai, one of the most versatile artists of the period who embellished the other rooms of the Roman dwelling.
The artist was part of a small court that the gentlemen Romans loved to still have his studio in the charming park, where he himself had created the Nymphaeum enriched by two ponds at different levels of the waterfall and the "Caffee house" as a meeting place for facilities that offered the princess in the garden, renewing the glories of Maecenas. The Gai, who had the honor of being president of the Royal Academy of San Luca, almost all decorated the interiors of the lavish salons.




Viale del Monte Oppio 7, Roma

+39 06 4873177

July 29th, 2015

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A popular legend on Palazzo Brancaccio says that the tower of Maecenas (the same tower where Nero, about 2000 years before (in '64 AC) watched entranced the burning of Rome which, according to the historical tradition of the Roman hanged himself), was incorporated in the same building.

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