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27 - 30 JULY 2015 | ROME (ITALY)


Akinwande Deji

University of Texas | USA

Flexible 2D Nanoelectronics: From Graphene to Silicene, Progress and Commercialization


Antognazza Maria Rosa

Center for Nano Science and Technology | ITALY

Optical Control of Cell Functions by Conjugated Polymers


Barla Alessandro

Istituto di Struttura della Materia - CNR | ITALY

Magnetic exchange coupling across a graphene layer


Bidault Sebastien

ESPCI ParisTech, PSL Research University - CNRS | FRANCE

Assembling optical antennas on DNA


Caironi Mario

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia | ITALY

Nanostructured polymer semiconductors for large-area electronics


Casiraghi Cinzia

University of Manchester | UNITED KINGDOM

Water-based 2D-crystal Inks: from Production to Devices


Chua Leon O.

UC Berkeley | USA

Everything You Want to Know About Memristors But Are Afraid to Ask


Cooper David

University Grenoble Alpes | FRANCE

Field mapping of semiconductor devices in a transmission electron microscope with nanometre scale resolution by off-axis electron holography and precession electron diffraction


Di Ventra Massimiliano

University of California - San Diego | USA

On the computational power of memcomputing machines


Drouin Dominique

Universite de Sherbrooke | CANADA

The nanodamascene process: a versatile fabrication technique for nanoelectronic applications


Ezawa Motohiko

University of Tokyo | JAPAN

Topological Field Effect Transistor and Topological Electronics in Silicene, Germanene and Stanene


Feng Philip

Case Western Reserve University | USA

Coupling 2D Nanoelectronics with Nanomechanics


Fischetti Massimo V.

The University of Texas at Dallas | USA

Physics of electronic transport in low-dimensionality materials for future FETs


Fontcuberta i Morral Anna


III-V nanowires for solar energy conversion, state-of-the art and perspectives


Fontcuberta Josep

Institut de Ciéncia de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) | SPAIN

Spin-orbit mediated magnetoresistance in oxide antiferromagnets and metal/ferrimaget bilayers


Goux Ludovic

imec | BELGIUM

Resistive Switching: From Concept to Device Optimization


Hwang Cheol Seong

Seoul National University | SOUTH KOREA

A Review of Three-dimensional Resistive Switching Cross-Bar Array Memories from the Integration and Materials Property Points of View


Ielmini Daniele

Politecnico di Milano | ITALY

Variability and cycling endurance in nanoscale resistive switching memory


King Benjamin T.

University of Nevada | USA

Two-Dimensional Polymers from the Anthracene Dimer and Triptycene Motifs


Klimeck Gerhard

Purdue University | USA

Tunneling: The Major Issue in Ultra-scaled Transistors


Koshida Nobuyoshi

Tokyo University of A & T | JAPAN

Applications of Nanosilicon Ballistic Electron Emitter to Nanofabrication Process


Lee SangHoon

Korea University | SOUTH KOREA

Skin-like electronics based on CNT/PDMS composite for long term and unconscious sensing of biosignal


Lu Wei

University of Michigan | USA

Conductive-Bridge RAM (CBRAM): From Operation Principles to Memory Array Applications


Luisier Mathieu


Coupled electro-thermal transport in nanostructures


Marti Antonio

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | SPAIN

Intermediate band solar cells: Achievements and lines of research


Marzari Nicola

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne | SWITZERLAND

Phonon hydrodynamics in two-dimensional materials


Meneghini Matteo

University of Padova | ITALY

InGaN-based Optoelectronic Devices: Loss Mechanisms and Degradation Processes


Migliorato Max

University of Manchester | UNITED KINGDOM

Beyond ZnO Nanowires for Piezotronics and Nanogenerators


Monereo Cuscó Oriol

University of Barcelona | SPAIN

Low-cost, low-power, heater-free solid state gas sensors based on pulsed self-heated nanostructures


Nagashima Kazuki

Kyushu University | JAPAN

A Oxide Nanowire for Probing Nanoscale Memristive Switching


Narducci Dario

University of Milano Bicocca | ITALY

A Thermoelectric conversion in tandem photovoltaic-thermoelectric devices


Neophytou Neophytos

University of Warwick | UNITED KINGDOM

Phonon transport simulations in low-dimensional, disordered graphene nanoribbons


Pellegrino Teresa

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia | ITALY

Magnetic nanoparticles for combining hyperthermia and heat-mediated drug delivery


Pop Eric

Stanford University | USA

Anisotropic and Tunable Thermal Transport in Nanomaterials and Devices


Porod Wolfgang

University of Notre Dame | USA

Recent Development of Antenna-Coupled Thermocouples


RAO Valipe Ramgopal

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay | INDIA

Nano-Electro-Mechanical Transduction and Packaging Solutions for Polymer MEMS Devices


Reiche Christopher Friedrich

Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research IFW Dresden | GERMANY

Bidirectional scanning force microscopy probes with co-resonant sensitivity enhancement


Roche Stephan


Fundamentals of Charge and Spin Transport in Graphene


Singh Abhishek Kumar

Indian Institute of Science Banaglore | INDIA

Strain-induced phenomena in layered materials


Takagi Shinichi

The University of Tokyo | JAPAN

Advanced Nano CMOS using Ge/III-V semiconductors for Low Power Logic LSIs


Vasileska Dragica

Arizona State University | USA

Modeling Self-Heating in Nanoscale Devices


Villanueva Luis Guillermo


NEMS Oscillators – Main challenges and workarounds


Watanabe Rikiya

The University of Tokyo | JAPAN

Novel nano-device to measure voltage-driven membrane transporter activity


Yang Jianhua Joshua

University of Massachusetts | USA

Promises and challenges of memristive devices


Yang Yuchao

University of Michigan | USA

Characterizations and Understanding of Conducting Filaments in Resistive Switching Devices


Yushin Gleb

Georgia Institute of Technology | USA

Nanostructured Composites for High Energy Batteries and Supercapacitors


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