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27 - 30 JULY 2015 | ROME (ITALY)



FBK-CMM is an applied Research Centre that combines scientific excellence with the ability to exploit research outcomes and results within national and international networks, aiming at optimizing the expertise through open innovation.

FBK-CMM develops innovative solutions in the fields of materials and microsystems, to be integrated mainly in four application platforms: Life Science, Energy and Environment, Science and Space, Industrial. FBK-CMM is accounting for 140 Researchers and Technicians MNF is the Micro Nano characterization & fabrication Facility of FBK-CMM accounting a Microfabrication Area (ISO 4-5, ISO 9001), as well as the chemical-physical and analytical laboratories for micro & nano material characterization. MNF is open to external customers belonging to both the research and the industrial worlds.


Horiba Scientific

Horiba provides services, such as nano-level micro-area analysis, to support a wide range of research activities, from leading edge scientific research to R&D in a variety of industries.


Nanoscale Horizons

Nanoscale Horizons is a premier journal publishing first reports of exceptional significance across the breadth of nanoscience and nanotechnology research. Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (a not-for-profit Publisher) and a sister journal to Nanoscale, it is an innovative, community-focused, dynamic journal guided by world-renowned Editorial Board members, led by Harold Craighead (Cornell University).



SwissLitho is a young high-tech company with the vision to change the way nanostructures are made and explored. SwissLitho offers innovative nanofabrication tools mainly based on its unique NanoFrazor technology. The NanoFrazor explore has been developed for researchers, who want to have quick and easy access to high-resolution nanometer sized geometries of almost arbitrary kind. Even 3D nanopatterns can be fabricated in a single step and with unmatched precision. The company has an international and interdisciplinary character with physicists, material scientists and software and electrical engineers from 10 different countries.



A world-class technology company, Advantest is the leading producer of automatic test equipment (ATE) for the semiconductor industry and a premier manufacturer of measuring instruments. Its leading-edge systems and products are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world. The company also focuses on R&D for emerging markets that benefit from advancements in nanotech technologies, and has introduced multi-vision metrology scanning electron microscopes essential to photo mask manufacturing. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest established its first subsidiary in 1982, in the USA, and now has subsidiaries worldwide. More information is available at



With more than 60 years of innovation and leadership, FEI enables customers to find meaningful answers to questions that accelerate breakthrough discoveries, increase productivity, and ultimately change the world. FEI designs, manu­factures, and supports the broadest range of high-performance microscopy workflows that provide images and answers in the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales.

EMME 3 Srl

Emme 3

Emme 3 Srl distribuisce strumentazione scientifica da laboratorio.
È particolarmente attiva nel settore delle nano tecnologie proponendo strumenti per la preparazione dei campioni quali:

  • linea Wet Jet Milling del produttore giapponese JOKOH
  • linea Microscopia Elettronica con gli ultramicrotomi RMC del produttore americano BOECKELER



QuantumWise specializes in software for modeling nanostructures at the atomic scale. The main product Atomistic ToolKit (ATK) is the market-leading software for electronic transport calculations. ATK is the most complete package for atomistic simulations. The graphical user interface Virtual NanoLab ensures ease of use and is also sold as a platform for other codes.
QuantumWise software solutions are used by over 300 leading companies and research labs around the world to enhance R&D capabilities in a wide range of application areas.

LOT - Quantum Design

LOT - Quantum Design

LOT-Quantum Design is the Europe’s leading distributor of imaging, materials analysis, nanotechnology, biotechnology and spectroscopy instrumentation. With more than 120 dedicated people in about 20 countries, including the head office in Germany and main subsidiaries in Italy, France and the UK, LOT-Quantum Design has been supplying leading edge scientific instruments to industry and academia within Europe for over 20 years.
LOT-Quantum Design is part of the Quantum Design Group which includes the headquarters in the US (San Diego, CA) and subsidiaries in Japan, China, Korea, India and South America.


2M Strumenti

2M Strumenti supplies for more than 25 years consumables, parts and systems for surface analysis and modification: sample preparation for SEM and TEM, CVD and PVD systems, electrical and morphological characterization, in the field of nanotechnologies, material science and surface science. We provide technical and commercial support for custom configurations.

Kleindiek Gmbh

Kleindiek Nanotechnik is a young, customer oriented high-tech company. With an innovative and powerful driving concept we are entering new space in micro- and nano-positioning. Our products meet and exceed customer's requirements, offering them a new level of precision.

Anasys Instruments

Anasys Instruments is a company dedicated to delivering innovative products and solutions that measure nanoscale material properties. Understanding structure-property correlation, especially for samples with spatially varying physical and chemical properties, is critical in a diverse range of fields, including polymers, materials science, life science, semiconductors, and data storage, to name but a few.

Microdrop Technologies Gmbh

microdrop Technologies is the leading provider of equipment, software and services for advanced microdispensing and inkjet printing applications. Our team of scientists, engineers and technicians has more than 15 years experience in inkjet-technology and micro-fluidics. We focus on high quality products and services for industrial applications as well as for R&D purposes.



Nanoscribe provides maskless lithography and additive manufacturing on the micrometer scale in one device and serves solutions as well as processes for specific applications to its scientific and industrial customers.
Nanoscribe´s 3D printers, Photonic Professional GT, are unique: Empowered by their unprecedented 3D nano-/micro-fabrication capabilities, the two-photon polymerization driven systems set new standards in diverse applications, e.g. MEMS, micro-optics, and life sciences.



Assing for forty years Partner for Research in High Technology Instrumentation and Plant Engineering and including High Containment Laboratories.
We are proud to be partner of our End Users through the synergy of expertise and the Innovation Projects developed in the Environment, Nanotechnology, Health Care fields and Automotive.



JEOL is a world leader in Manufacturing, marketing, development & research of Sophisticated Scientific Instruments (Electron Optical Instrument, Analytical Instrument), Measuring Instruments, Semiconductor Equipment, Industrial Equipment, and Medical Equipment, processing, maintenance & services of related products and parts, as well as procurement & sales of peripherals.



tiberlab s.r.l. is a spin off from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, established in 2008 based on a long-standing experience of 20 years of device simulations and development of simulating software within the OLAB research group, in the Department of Electronic Engineering.

tiberlab develops up-to-date innovative software solutions to design and to simulate electronic and optoelectronic devices. Modern nanostructure devices pose new challenges due to the wide range of length and time scale involved. We provide a tool for multiscale simulation able to perform analysis and optimization at all the relevant length scales, through state of the art physical models ranging from continuous to atomistic level.


University of Rome Tor Vergata

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is a public university located in Rome, Italy. It is one of the largest research-based institutions in the country. The University is an international center for research and education and it is well known for scientific studies. In recent years the activity of technology transfer and cooperation with other public and private organizations in different fields has obtained an increasingly important role.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata was established with the goal of providing high quality education for students preparing to meet the ever-evolving needs and opportunities of the 21st century workforce.



University La Sapienza

Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is one of the oldest universities in the world and a high performer among the largest universities in international rankings.
Since its founding over 700 years ago, Sapienza has played an important role in Italian history and has been directly involved in key changes and developments in society, economics and politics. It has contributed to the development of Italian and European science and culture in all areas of knowledge.


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